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Anshuman Ghoshs photos on Instagram are always the same: you show most of the time his hand and an iPhone 5 s against different solid color backgrounds. The posts by Ghosh are boring, under the name “moography” on Instagram on the way, but never.

As Ghosh thinks out his phone all possible applications of the imagination and draws them with in the image–as an extension of his displays so to speak. The edges of the device are not the end of his paintings in many posts. Ghosh rather times transformed into an ice cream maker, its Smartphone by precisely placed drawings times into a whiskey glass. Also a toaster or a refrigerator may arise from an iPhone, shows Ghosh. Some of the pictures are somewhat abstract. The colorful stones of a Rubik’s cube like a tetris game from the top of the mobile display fall into a post for example. Igboost is an incredible website where you can buy likes and buy followers for your Instagram account, you should give it a try they have some of the cheapest prices around.

Ghosh of keen draughtsman was in childhood. Then other things were more important. “Under the pressure of growing up and the career I stopped to draw”, Ghosh says. Meanwhile, he moved 29, from India to Johannesburg in South Africa and has recently rediscovered his love for drawing. Actually, he is Manager, but also Instagrammer with almost 35,000 subscribers. On the Internet, an artist is from the cool analyst.
For his works Ghosh has thought about a technique he calls “Phone Framing”: the appearance on the phone first. Most of the time, Ghosh tinkering a motif from colored paper. He’s photographed with your mobile phone or places the paper on the display, so that it looks like a photo.

Then he builds the second, outer image then the Smartphone. This image-IM Imaging appears particularly vividly, if he runs individual motifs over the frame of the mobile addition. Then buy Instagram followers and likes, it seems as if the display was permeable.

“My goal is”, he says, “that everyone who sees my pictures, wears a smile on his face.” There is just too much negativity. The artist had not counted on so much attention, but his way of working that has not changed, Ghosh says. “My images revolve mostly around family, food, music, movies and travel.” These are the five most important things in his life. The ideas will not go out so quickly it, he is sure.

Who maintained several accounts on Instagram, can switch now more easily back and forth between the various profiles – no single login or logout.

Good news for people who use the Instagram app, for example, professionally: the photo community makes it their users now easier to switch between multiple accounts. A new feature in the app allows users to be able to control multiple accounts without each off and on again to login at the same time.
The social media platform Latergramme discovered the function that allows users to add an additional Instagram account to the app without having to log out now. Overview users with multiple accounts notifications, on which their profiles comments and “Likes” go up.
A test for the new function was already launched for Android users last year. The function of multiple accounts was discovered but also for iOS users. Since the function is still not all available users, is to assume that it’s a slow roll-out.┬áSince yesterday, there are longer video ads, which can be up to 60 seconds at Instagram.

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