NordVPN Overview

NOrdVPN represents the future of VPN service providers

NordVPN Overview

If ‘ via-internet tv viewer ‘ you have it is not always easy. As soon as you want to watch over the border, you become more often than not treated to a blockade, based on your ip origin. At the camp site in France NOS-sport watch? Blocked. Netherlands in the programmes of the BBC review via iplayer? Unfortunately, blocked. And so we can go on. Fortunately there is a lot to do. For example with NordVPN.

You may be asking yourself: how to know the BBC, ITV, broadcast missed and all those others where I am? Simple: “using the ip address you use on the internet are connected. Of each address is known in which country it resides! ” On a site like you can see all the information about your location and it’s exactly that info internet services need to get segmental block. Then check out look on this website to find out which ip ranges in which countries by which internet services are assigned.

Prepared to face the challenges of a growing internet community concerned with security and anonymity NordVPN has a plan

If the the for you still want to be able to access prohibited content, then there is only one thing: “move out!” No, not yourself, but you ip address. By applying a service like the BBC to give the idea that you are in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands blocked video material suddenly is released. The BBC sees an English ip address and think: ah, an English Subscriber. That may look! This principle will also work when Broadcast missed and the NPO as regards Dutch ip addresses.

Moving van

Time to let the moving van pulls up in the form of NordVPN. As you may know is a VPN a Virtual Private Network and that means that there will be a used – Let’s say – ‘ tunnel ‘ data. With the result that nobody sees what you do or where you do that …

IPv4 happen conversion

We’re going to get started with the software of NordVPN that you customize IPv4 happen so that there is a kind of TCP/IP is placed Central on your connection (in the form of a software-network adapter). If this adapter is installed, then the worst – in terms of technique – behind the back … Of course you need a subscription to NordVPN, because you have a login name and password to log in to the VPN service. An annual subscription costs $69 (over 61 euros), but you can – to the holiday abroad through – also a month subscription!

Mounted at NordVPN

If the software is installed and you are mounted at NordVPN, then you’ll find in your Windows system tray a utility that allows you to the new location of your IP address. The United States, but if you want to know how now in Turkey to go then that’s also possible … After your location choice, NordVPN provides for a connection to the VPN server in the country, with the result that some seconds later internet-technically are moved. A check at proves it: NordVPN has blocked the US transferred from ‘ A ‘ to the released ‘ B ‘.